DreamWave Massage Chair

Only black is currently available.

$ 8,999.00 - $ 9999.00
  • Shiatsu Point Locator
    Patented body scanning technology customizes each massage session to your individual back profile.

    Full Upper Body Massage
    Just the right amount of pressure and motion for an ultra-relaxing shiatsu massage, covering your neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

    Infrared Back and Seat Heat
    Lumbar and seat heating is available for added relaxation and comfort.

    Hip and Thigh Massage
    Inward motion and outward release melt away muscle soreness and fatigue.

    Calf, Foot and Sole Massage
    Gently embracing air cells provide soothing rhythmic compressions.

    DreamWave Technology
    An undulating figure-8 motion that balances the body and delivers complete relaxation.

    Over 1,200 Square Inches of Coverage
    The most comprehensive and customizable body coverage of any massage chair.

    Deep Relaxation Setting
    Brings variation to core group of massages with slow, methodical movements designed for a hypnotic, thoroughly calming massage.

    Youth Session
    A gentler massage experience engineered especially for children.

    Hand-Held Remote
    16 pre-programmed massage sessions—more than any other massage chair + over 1,000 possible manual massage combinations. All designed to be simple and intuitive.

    Smartphone Pocket
    Complete your massage experience with relaxing music from your smartphone or MP3 player.


    Massage Chair Model Name: DreamWave
    Model #: HCP-11001A
    Dimensions – Upright: 37"W x 55"L x 48"H
    Dimensions – Fully Reclined: 38"W x 83"L x 30"H
    User Height Range: 5’0” to 6’5”
    Maximum Recline Angle: 170-degrees
    Power: 120V AC / 60Hz / 208 Watts
    Auto-Customization: Proprietary scan and match to 106 profiles
    Roller Description: 3-D, 4-roller seesaw system
    Stroke Length: 28.4″
    Pre-Programmed Massage Choices: 16
    Manual Massage Types: 15
    Manual Massage Combinations: Over 1,000 possible massage combinations of manual settings
    Seat Massage: DreamWave technology, air cells, vibration
    Heat: Seat and Lower Back
    Calf Massage: Air cells
    Foot (soles, heels, toes) Massage: Air cells
    Arm Massage: Air cells
    Neck Massage: Air cells
    Air Cell Total: 100
    Air Cell Construction: Hi-Flex, Hi-Resilience PVC/Nylon
    Motors (Total): 13
    Upholstery: Synthetic leather or top-grain leather in TruBlack
    Safety Features: Recline and foot rest obstruction sensors, breakaway power cord
    Weight (Net): 265 lbs.
    Weight (Boxed): 313 lbs.
    Available Colors: Black, Cream, Dark Brown, Red, and TruBlack Leather
    Choreographed By: Hideyo Matsuura 
    Designed By: Toshiyuki Kita
    Manual: DreamWave Massage Chair Manual
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: 3-YEAR LIMITED REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT WARRANTY WITH ON-SITE SERVICE. If you have a warranty or product technical question, first contact Massage Chair Support at 720-616-5003.


  • Transcendental Relaxation: The DreamWave

    The DreamWave massage chair is unequaled in its therapeutic benefits and relaxation techniques. The patented DreamWave™ technology provides undulating, totally transporting, side-to-side motion. With over 1,200 square inches of body coverage and an auto-adaptive design, the DreamWave is a transcendent shiatsu experience like no other. This video provides a brief overview of some of the chairs features and the soothing effect it has on the person cradled within it.