Yu•Me Massage Chair - Overview

Experience a shiatsu massage that maximizes relief, removes tension and stiffness, and offers you an escape from the stress of everyday life. Blending Eastern medical knowledge, modern technology, and a collection of proprietary features and functions, Yu•Me Massage Chair delivers unsurpassed therapeutic benefits, ultimate stress relief, and holistic relaxation of your mind and body. Posture correction, neck traction, stretching, full body massage therapy, targeted therapeutic massage, and daily stress reduction — get it all by customizing each massage to your specific needs. Pre-programmed massages, manually controlled massage options, and the most user-friendly interface on the market make Yu•Me Massage Chair uniquely capable of addressing a huge range of your massage therapy and relaxation needs. Never before have so many advances been incorporated into one massage chair model. Yu•Me Massage Chair incorporates the industry’s gold standard, Inada’s Proprietary Body Scanning. But there’s much more to the Yu•Me Massage Chair, a whole collection of new and remarkable capabilities including a proprietary neck stretch pillow that only Inada could have possibly conceived and developed, and a proprietary calf and foot massage feature that will make your calves and feet feel better than ever. There’s also the unique Color Kinetic LEDs that add a visual relaxation component to your massage. And (of course) the completely amazing ability of your massage chair to also be your rocking chair! Using Rotary Rocker Technology, an industry first, the Yu•Me Massage Chair’s gentle rocking motion soothes your body and mind completely. Designed by world-renowned Toshiyuki Kita – a 2009 Pinnacle Award finalist for his Sogno DreamWave™ massage chair design – the Yu•Me rocking massage chair perfectly blends Eastern and Western sensibilities into one perfect, modern, and very comfortable package.