Nest Massage Chair - Specs

Model # HCP-S999A
Model Name Inada Nest
Chair Dimensions Fully Upright: 37.5"W x 55"L x 42"H
Fully Reclined: 37.5"W x 69"L x 29.5"H
User Height Range 5’0” to 6’2”
User Max. Weight 220 lbs.
Square Inches of Coverage 1085
Max Recline Angle 165°
Power 120V/150W/60Hz
Auto-Customization Proprietary scan & match to 106 profiles
Roller Description 3D LR differential massage mechanism with uniquely shaped rollers
Stroke Length 27.6"
Pre-Programmed Massage Choices 11
Focused Massage Sessions 5
Manual Massage Types 16
Manual Massage Combinations Over 300 possible massage combinations of manual settings
Seat Massage Air cells
Calf Massage Air cells
Foot (soles, heels, toes) Massage Air cells
Arm Massage Air cells
Neck Massage Air cells
Air Cell Total 64
Air Cell Construction Hi-Flex, Hi-Resilience PVC/Nylon
Motors (Total) 6
Upholstery Synthetic leather
Child Safety Features Breakaway power cord
Weight (Net) 175 lbs.
Weight (Boxed) 231 lbs.
Available Colors Cream, Black, Brown
Choreographed By Hideyo Matsuura