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  • Welcome home. Welcome to your Nest.

    Nest pushes the boundary of massage chair capability, changing notions of what a massage chair can do. Feel the unexpected come to life. Experience unforgettable, holistic massage as Nest blurs the line between human hands and a perfectly tuned machine. Sixty-four air cells and six motors execute precisely choreographed massage movements in novel, comfortable, and highly therapeutic ways. Settle into your Nest, in the comfort and convenience of your home or office, escape, and make this day (and every day) the most relaxed, healthiest day of your life.

    Choreographed differential motion delivers the kind of deep, relaxing release of muscle tension you would expect from the hands of a master masseuse.

    Uniquely shaped rollers mimic the sensations and pressure of the thumbs, fingers, and palms of a shiatsu master.

    Supple air cells provide exquisite attention to the head, neck, arms and lower body with synchronized compressions.

    Moveable shiatsu pads target key pressure points in your legs and calves, optimizing circulation and blood flow, and deepening your relaxation experience with nuanced, life-like touch.

    The completely redesigned head pillow cushions and supports with perfected positioning.

    You can now find abundant energy, experience profound healing, and rediscover restful sleep. This is a holistic, whole-body experience beyond compare.

    Both aesthetically pleasing and genuinely skillful, Nest is the culmination of decades of research and refinement by designers, ergonomists, engineers, and craftsmen. You’ll be proud to display this singular work of art – as beautiful as it is functional — in your home. And even more delighted by the investment in your health available only from The World’s Best Massage Chair.


    “I have lower back and hip problems. I saw the Nest at the Consumer Electronics Show. My buddy insisted I give it a try, especially since being on my feet on solid concrete floors at the convention center all day was making it miserable for me to walk. After about a 30 minute session in the Nest, I was able to get out of the chair and walk away virtually pain free. I never make impulse purchases, so I slept on it and believe in this product so much that I went back and placed an order the next day. You owe it to yourself to find the nearest dealer to experience the benefits of this chair firsthand. It scans every person before every session to match your body shape to a custom tailored session. Well worth it.”

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  • Nest Features

    Full-Body Massage

    1085 square inches of coverage combine with incomparable massage choreography to provide transcendent massage from head-to-toe.

    Self-Adjusting Headrest

    Sit back, relax and let Nest perfectly adjust to you as the headrest automatically moves into the precise placement for optimal fit.

    Shiatsu Point Locator

    Patented and proprietary body-scanning technology locates your shiatsu points and customizes each massage session specifically to your body’s profile.

    Self-Adjusting Headrest

    Sit back, relax and let Nest perfectly adjust to you as the headrest automatically moves into the precise placement for optimal fit.

    Full-Arm Massage

    Segmented, sequential, and expertly choreographed to improve circulation. Brings oxygen-rich blood to the arms and hands while removing built up toxins.

    3D LR Differential Massage

    This proprietary technology provides authentic independent multidimensional movements to the left and right sides of the back delivering movements that are available only in Nest.


    Easy-to-use remote featuring 11 programmed sessions and 16 manual massage types offering over 300 possible manual massage combinations. Built in remote holder is conveniently located for easy storage and easy access.

    Targeted Calf and Anterior Shin Massage

    Nest envelops your calf providing relieving pressure and soothing touch to areas no other massage chair can access.

    Reengineered Rollers

    Nest’s uniquely shaped rollers have a bumpy, knobby rolling surface able to hit acupressure points like no other roller can.

  • Specifications

    Model # HCP-S999A
    Model Name Nest
    Chair Dimensions Fully Upright: 37.5"W x 55"L x 42"H
    Fully Reclined: 37.5"W x 69"L x 29.5"H
    User Height Range 5’0” to 6’2”
    User Max. Weight 220 lbs.
    Square Inches of Coverage 1085
    Max Recline Angle 165°
    Power 120V/150W/60Hz
    Auto-Customization Proprietary scan & match to 106 profiles
    Roller Description 3D LR differential massage mechanism with uniquely shaped rollers
    Stroke Length 27.6"
    Pre-Programmed Massage Choices 11
    Focused Massage Sessions 5
    Manual Massage Types 16
    Manual Massage Combinations Over 300 possible massage combinations of manual settings
    Seat Massage Air cells
    Calf Massage Air cells
    Foot (soles, heels, toes) Massage Air cells
    Arm Massage Air cells
    Neck Massage Air cells
    Air Cell Total 64
    Air Cell Construction Hi-Flex, Hi-Resilience PVC/Nylon
    Motors (Total) 6
    Upholstery Synthetic leather
    Child Safety Features Breakaway power cord
    Weight (Net) 175 lbs.
    Weight (Boxed) 231 lbs.
    Available Colors Cream, Black, Brown
    Choreographed By Hideyo Matsuura
  • Nest Colors

    The Nest massage chair is available in several colors, including, cream, black and brown leather.

    MSRP: $6,999.00
    Our Price: $5,999.00

    MSRP: $6,999.00
    Our Price: $5,999.00

    MSRP: $6,999.00
    Our Price: $5,999.00